A variety of trends or ideas that are related to science, or in the arts, do not last for indefinitely – theories change and theories are gone, while fashions for clothing and fashions in pop music shift every year. What’s “in” and what’s “out” can be unpredictable. Much of what was fashionable during the year 1947 (the anniversary year that launched the current Joe Rogan Ufo time period) has gone to the wayside in recent years however, it’s interestingly it’s there’s no UFO ETH. UFO ETH is still popular. UFO ETH is as popular as ever, perhaps more so than 1947 (or within a short time after as it took time to allow the ETH idea to rise to the forefront) However, it is not the case that popularity implies that it is anything factual. If billions of people believe that a ridiculous idea is an invisible friend that lives at the top of heaven, it’s an absurd concept.

Yet, more than six decades later, despite all the expert and amateur sceptics as well as those who are universally naysayers, scientists who are arguing the “no evidence” myth as well as the ‘giggle’ element and the’silly-season publicity, only fodder good for the tabloids and the UFO ETH is alive and thanks you for that. Somebody must be behind this. At the very least, for the vast majority of the ignorant, there’s a indication in the noise – – some kind of evidence (albeit not sufficiently physical for many scientists) that is influencing the public to believe that aliens aren’t just here, but are here and now.

It’s certainly not enough for visitors extraterrestrials or their craft (UFOs as you call them) to exist only in theory (since there’s no real physics or engineering to prevent this) There must be some sort of tangible evidence and it’s here in abundance, as we’ll examine.

A History Lesson

It is believed that the UFO ETH only exists, beginning in the 1950’s, due to during the initial three to four years of the “flying discs,” or “flying saucers’ phenomenathat began in the latter half of 1940 discs, or’saucers were thought to be terrestrial in their origins and were classified as hidden Soviet device (to people who are Americans) as well as obscure American gadgets (to people who are Russians). Once these ideas were proven to be untrue it was obvious that UFOs were only in the minds of people (some kind that was a result of Cold War hysteria); falsehoods, hoaxes, hallucinations, etc. However, this became equally unjust as each solid case was presented and was found to be unsolvable through any of the accepted terrestrial theories. Through elimination – and in the words of Sherlock Holmes, ‘when you’ve removed the impossible, what is left, however absurd will be true the person is obliged to think about the ETH as a possible alternative to the first’manufactured by the terrestrial hypothesis.

After it became obvious that UFOs weren’t an issue of national security however, they were a scientific problem What better method to get those who were tasked by the government to look into UFOs for a security concern to get out of the way by making them an issue of science? Then, the contract was awarded to an alleged scientific investigation into UFOs that was to be conducted by the University of Colorado under the directorship of Dr. Edward U. Condon. The results were never doubted even after the study was concluded.

The absurdity of the mind of scientists was clearly demonstrated in the final disproving of UFO ETH. According to the University of Colorado Scientific Study into UFOs [the Edward U. Condon studythat concluded that it (the UFO ETH) was the complete nonsense but for the fact that this study, which was the basis of did not provide a reason the underlying phenomena , over 30% of UFO cases it investigated. It’s like a jury saying 1/3 not guilty, 2/3 guilty. The majority of ayes agree so let’s execute the sentence.

The Issue with the process of obtaining and verifying UFO Evidence

The problem of UFOs lies in the fact that they don’t stay still! You cannot put them under microscopes, poke them and prod them or study and analyze them at your leisure , as you do with other phenomena. It is impossible to predict ahead of time what time or place and the duration of their appearance.

Scientists and Evidence: The Double Standard

Most scientists, and especially physical scientists, generally dismiss the UFO ETH by using the no evidence. However, these scientists are free to believe in the double rule.

An excellent example of how scientists can have the cake, and have it too when it comes to religion. There’s no proof of any god, yet some scientists are not afraid to take the faith of others and believing in gods (or gods) who is unnoticed by any and all. There is no proof that anyone has observed the monotheistic god as well as the polytheistic gods. appear to be, as per experts, entirely mythological. You’re right. The essay could have be constructed around the concept of “God Give Me Evidence to prove it!’

There are instances in science where scientists aren’t having their cake but having it all too’. Scientists need more than 20 fingers and toes to list all of the there-is-no-evidence-for- these-way-out-theories in science that ultimately had to wait years, decades, longer even for experimental confirmation. If scientists had placed these theories into the basket of too difficult or dismissed them with an “I don’t believe in it because it’s not possible, therefore it’s not true then we’d continue to think that sun moves around the Earth and Black Holes would have been relegated only to science-fiction books and for gravity-bending electromagnetic radiation such as light rays, forget it.

While we don’t mean to accuse scientists of insincerity, there are plenty of scientific theories that do not have any evidence to back them, yet are taken seriously from physical researchers. A partial list would include concepts like the Multiverse (there are more than one universes within the overriding cosmos); the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum physics; particle physic’s string theory; the Higgs Boson; the possible existence of ten or eleven dimensions; the Ekpyrotic (two string theory [mem]branes colliding and accounting for the origin of the) Universe theory; and, shock-horror for those interested in SETI (that’s the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence), the total lack of any under-the-microscope, hardcore evidence whatsoever for any intelligent life forms other than intelligent terrestrial life forms. It is still accepted for researchers to study these fields without having to being challenged on their beliefs. I am unable to comprehend what that the UFO ETH phenomenon is made an exception. Also, forget about the UFO ETH and the UFO phenomenon in its entirety is not allowed. However this is.