Close Protection Officer
Close personal private bodyguard in London is a rapidly growing field of security due to the significant increase in terrorist acts, religious violence and burglary. There is a growing demand for specialized protection, which has led to an increase in job vacancies in personal security and support.

It can be difficult to get a job as personal bodyguard, even though the demand is so high. Personal protection jobs can be extremely stressful and challenging, just as it sounds.

Security specialists are hired by different authorities depending on their needs. A protection executive might be hired to protect a high-profile celebrity. Other high-ranking politicians, government officials or wealthy royals may require bodyguards.

You may be asked to accompany clients, check background people, and check vehicles for explosives, bombs, and potential shooters, depending on the client. You may need to pass various physical, stress, endurance, and mental tests depending on the security company you are applying for.

Learn more about the Duties and Responsibilities
Although the core responsibility of a close protection professional should be to protect the person or persons in concern, the core duties of a specialist can differ depending on the client’s risk and the role they are playing.

Your client may need you to drive, be a driver, or to act as a bodyguard. The level of security required and risks involved will determine whether or not you are armed as a close protection officer.

Training in Protection
Contrary to what is commonly believed of bodyguards, a physical string alone does not make you one. No matter what industry or people they are working for, a bodyguard must undergo intensive close protection training to develop the temperament and skills necessary for the job.

Private security companies create training programs to help their security officers live up to their responsibilities and provide high-level security for VIP clients and people who suspect they are under threat.

Professionals are allowed to obtain certification, licensure, insurance, and a separate car license after they have completed their training.

If you are looking to make a career out of personal protection, you should find a reputable and certified company to train you to be a competent bodyguard.