Motherhood would be much easier if it weren’t to the complications that occur after dark. The most difficult time for new mothers is the night hours, because babies don’t arrive in the world with their parents’ schedules in mind. They are independent little beings that require to be held, fed and changed whenever they need it. They do not understand their parents’ sleep needs. They feel the most discomfort because their mothers are often the ones who stay up all night to care.

Because babies will wake up every two to 3 hours for their first month, mothers without a nanny need to be up all night to feed, change, or soothe their baby. This causes sleep deprivation that can lead to postpartum depression.

Mothers with colicky babies or demanding children may burnout and lose their ability to care for them. This can lead to a breakdown in the bond between mother and baby.

All of these issues can be solved by hiring a nanny. Even if your spouse or family members don’t feel the need to help with the baby, they will be able to help you during the night. If you are able to rely on your spouse or another family member to take over the baby’s care, this exception will be made.

Confinement nanny tasks

Even if your preference is to take care of every single feeding yourself, you can still have a confining nanny do the rest which takes up much more time than the actual feeding.
* Changing diapers
* Calming crying babies when you don’t know what else to do is wrong
* To change crib sheets in cases of accidents, spit up or to make sure they are clean
* Caring a crying baby with colic
* Watching for potential problems in the baby’s life

Many mothers find that having a nanny to care for their children in the middle the night is a comfort.