Soccer or football is one of most popular sports around the globe. It is also a multibillion dollar business. The popularity of soccer is growing, even though it’s still very popular. Simply mark a soccer field and you’re ready.

Before soccer became such an industry, before money began to dictate how it should be done, soccer wasn’t considered a viable career option.

Today, children are on the soccer pitch because they want a life like David Bekham and his extravagant lifestyle. They rarely think about the people who almost lost their lives on or off the soccer fields. Some children don’t know Diego Mara Dona, or his tragic battle with drug addiction. They might not have heard of Pele. But they aren’t interested in the sheer poetry of his movement. They see the money.

There have been many soccer battles of epic proportions. The European teams are able to execute precision with ease. You can feel the calculated efficiency of the German team when you see them on the field.

They are however unbeatable in passion. Brazil is synonymous with soccer. Argentina is often associated with football. However, Argentina has shown a tendency to choke on the big stage during their last World Cup tournament. Their success on the Xoi lac Link truc tiep field is partly due to their individual brilliance. They are now focusing their hopes on Lionel Messi who’s ball control and dribbling skills can be compared to that of Mara Dona.

Club football, however, offers the opportunity to showcase individual brilliance and talent that is often difficult to find in international sports. This is one of most lucrative businesses in the entire world. The contracts for players are multimillion dollar and it is so mercenary that it makes one wonder what happened loyalty and playing for passion. Christiano Ronaldo is one example of a young player who has the potential to transform a match. We can only watch and wait to see their amazing talents.