Each week I receive calls from parents, coaches, and players who are worried about their child’s situation.

It is hard to hit a baseball. If you lose your focus and confidence, it can be very difficult to bat well.

Many of the players who call or come to see me have great swings. Many of these players have been working with private hitting coaches for many years. Many have hit coaches, fitness coaches or flexibility coaches. Some also have nutritionists and speed coaches. Some athletes hope to receive baseball scholarships, while others are looking for professional baseball or Division I baseball.

You might wonder, “Why do players with great strength, great balance and great timing fall into slumps?” What can you do to stop slumps and get your hitter back on track?

Many of the hitters I counsel don’t know much about their psychology. They don’t know how their mind works before they get up to the plate. They don’t know how mental adjustment can help them get out of a slump.

Sometimes we have to change their entire approach to hitting in order to help them reach their full potential.

Sometimes, a minor adjustment can fix the problem. I prefer to start with something small first. Sometimes, a minor change can make a player feel more confident and empowered at the plate.

One satta king received a confidence-building slogan, which he was to use between pitches.

One of his teammates was shown a simple method to let go when he went up to bat.

The focus of a very skilled switch hitter was different when he entered the batter’s box.

A batter made a change in his on-deck circle routine. This made him feel more at ease when he came up for bat.

These techniques are included in 101 Ways to Break Out of a Hitting Slump with Sport Psychology and Self-Hypnosis. This link will take you to the program.